India Russel

Taaada! Look at the beautiful India.

 India is an inspiration to ladies out there. whom openly admitted her nerves. Have a nosey at this beautiful lady grace our eyes with herself. 

Make-up by the utterly wonderful Jill Sime who can't put a brush wrong! and to add to the dream team we had Kristina on general running about & lighting. India came fully stocked with jewels and luxurious underwear, sorry forgot to mention knitting ball... which could be explained at a later date ;) So much fun and so happy to hear the wonderful comments returned to us from India whom is currently picking her pictures for her very own lay flat luxury album.


ou have totally captured the essence of what I wanted!

thank you! I

have favourites already!'' - India


look sexy!''

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Much love 

Siobhan & Kristina