Pamie & Elaine's Tattooed & High-Heel Shoe'd Day!

From the get go I knew this day was going to something a bit special, never mind the rockabilly theme, the knee high dresses and the colourful hair & tattoos, my sorta style ;)

Adore the flowers <3

Adore the flowers <3


From the I was with Elaine & Kirsty was with Pamie, I think the rumour has it that the other was stressing out but turns out everyone surprisingly was so chilled and relaxed - Despite the rumours! Kirsty was second shooting she spent the morning with Pamie and her wedding party, in  their new house! (Which they planned a wedding AND moved)

The hair and make-up was just so cool! Beautiful pin-curls with classy pin up hints, I just loved it! 

The most beautiful flower girl! She was a super model all day!

The most beautiful flower girl! She was a super model all day!

Elaine played it pretty cool, but nothing is real until your step out the door, and from the pictures you can see the excitement, nerves & wonder had creeped in. Getting Pamie as she
'cool-y' walked into the venue to marry Elaine. 

Although Elaine didn't half keep Pamie on her toes, fashionably late of-course ;)

A beautiful ceremony, very close to the heart, very much about the two of them (which I like), was made even more amazing when Coco (Their Pom, Pup) Decided to get up and marry them both! Ahhhhhhh! Too cute! The speeches were amazing, really funny too! Actually laughing LOUDLY behind my camera!

After the ceremony, even the staff were impressed with the decked out ceremony room, filled with Pamie & Elaine's special touches, I believe a lot of things were hand-made.

Unconventional no solo first dance, they shared their first dance with everyone they loved the most, and danced merrily until the wee hours I presume!

Overall Kirsty and I had a blast, I actually stuck around for a wee shot in the Photo Booth! 
Thanks so much again for having us! Was a pleasure can't wait for you to see all your official images from your day, this is JUST a selection of my favourites!

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